Management Staff

Davis-Paige Management Systems

Mr. Micheal E.P. Davis
703-462-9511 (ext. 104)

MG Ralph G. Wooten MG, US Army (Ret)
Executive Vice President
703-462-9511 (ext. 109)

Mr. Sterling Wafford
Director, Operations/Program Manager
703-462-9511 (ext. 131)

Ms. Loretta Williams
Director, Human Resources and Administration
703-462-9511 (ext. 101)

Ms. Georgia Kirby
Facilities Security Officer (FSO)
703-462-9511 (ext. 120)

Mr. Courtney Livingston
703-462-9511 (ext. 127)

Ms. Januari A. Hester
Assistant Controller
703-462-9511 (ext. 130)

Ms. Jackie Hunt-Shannon
Executive Assistant to the President
703-462-9511 (ext. 105)

Ms. Quadesha Bynum
Human Resources, Staffing Manager
703-462-9511 (ext. 102)

Ms. Myra Robinson
Human Resources, Assistant
703-462-9511 (ext. 103)

Mr. Grover Gibson
Director of Logistics
703-462-9511 (ext. 123)

Ms. Jennifer Mainvielle
Director, Contract Management
703-462-9511 (ext. 110)

Ms. Angela Skodacek
Vice President, Business Capture
703-462-9511 (ext. 106)

Ms. Marcia Ellison
Director, Business Development
703-462-9511 (ext. 107)