DPMS Support to National Security

Military preparedness operations and evaluations, systems analysis, strategic relationships, international cooperation, resource management, conflict resolution, humanitarian operations, Acquisition and logistics support;- these are just some of the many operative terms that define the scope of Davis-Paige Management Systems work in the national security arena. Meeting our national security needs is a complex undertaking that requires personal dedication, world-class talent and technical skill. These are the same qualities that define the makeup of our professional staff, as they pledge an institution-wide commitment to our public service mission.

The DPMS goals in this area are to:

  • Serve as an unfailing resource for high quality, impartial analysis that provides decision makers with the kind of expert, cutting-edge analyses that can make the difference between good and great decisions-and between success and failure.
  • Deliver the best-value services, products and engineering solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology to include Homeland Defense.
  • Exceed our customers' expectations for quality, responsiveness, and professional excellence while delivering within the agreed price and schedule.
  • Be committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity.

When required, our analysts work on the ground, directly with the customer to provide them a "Totally Coordinated and Integrated Program Solution" that will satisfy their preparedness and security needs. Our support services are defined by a unique brand of multi-disciplinary, field-based "real world" research and analysis that combines the best of people, technology, and processes.

DPMS Security Related Services:

  • WMD exercise design and evaluation
  • Public health emergency management and planning
  • Homeland security performance metrics and program evaluation
  • Design and analysis of homeland security exercise and games
  • Emergency response plans
  • Reconstruction and analysis of real-world operations
  • Assessing organizational emergency response preparedness
  • Policy development and analysis
  • Technical assessment of homeland security technologies
  • Program metrics development
  • Acquisition and Logistics
  • Locksmith Services

DPMS Security Alliances:

  • CJ Associates - Physical, Personnel and Personal Security
  • Jones Technology - Environmental Engineering
  • ACSI, Domnick Hunter, and Proxtronics - NBC Decontamination, Detection and Protection
  • INTELLIMAR Inc. - Force Protection and Anti-terrorism Technologies
  • RTI - GIS and NBC Planning/Emergency Response Management
  • A. B. Floyd and Marshal Communications- Command and Control (C2) Technologies
  • Operation Technology Solutions - Aviation (Fixed Facilities) Support Prism-Systems Engineering
  • CRI and JB&A Inc-Procurement and Budget Analysts
  • Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
  • Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation

DPMS Safety and Security Team:

DPMS's Safety and Security team has, and continues to build, a knowledge base that is critical to supporting effective terrorism prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. The Safety and Security team combines practical experience with a strong record of academic achievement.

Team members have held leadership and senior management positions in both DoD and homeland security agencies at federal, state, and local levels. They have extensive Knowledge and experience in the design of exercises and games, are knowledgeable about critical homeland security technologies, and have worked closely with homeland security professionals in the field.

The Safety and Security team assisted government agencies in responding to the attacks of September 11, 2001, with researchers and operations analysts supporting response to the terrorist attacks and the incidents of anthrax contamination that followed. Today, we worked at every level of homeland security.